Explanation of Psychological Counseling & Psychotherapy, NLP and Hypnotherapy

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I have given a simple explanation of the concepts related to Psychological Counseling & Psychotherapy, NLP, Hypnotherapy etc. It is very interesting to compare what we know about computers with what we probably do not know about our mind!

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The author S.V. Ganesan is a Psychology Professional with an  IT Background with vast experience in India as well as Abroad. The author’s wide exposure to hundreds of persons in many cultures and many countries gave him insight into human behavior and thinking. The exposure also helped in observations of the behavioral patterns, pressures and problems in everyday life. The author explored over many years and pursued his interest in Mind, Body and Soul related sciences and techniques like Yoga, NLP, Hypnotherapy, Pranic Healing etc. and the author practices the techniques known to him. The author has helped many persons overcome personal issues related to the mind by using techniques of NLP and Hypnotherapy. Any persons interested in knowing further can contact the author at: ganesan_sv@yahoo.com or at Mobile No.9940217463.

The author offers psychological counseling & Psychotherapy augmented by NLP and Hypnosis Techniques which makes the treatment very effective.

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Psychological Counseling  & Psychotherapy :
It is a sad fact that while many top grade executives and professionals know so much about technology , business etc. and take so much care to expand their knowledge in these fields , a large percentage of people do not bother to learn about the mind related issues till it becomes a major or disturbing factor affecting day to day life. Mind is an important part of every human being and a little bit of care related to mind can go a long way in achieving good health and success in the chosen career or profession. The saying “Sound Mind in a Sound Body” seems to be getting less attention and the motto seems to be fast money and quick success at the cost of health and of course nobody seems to be even thinking about the effect on mind! A little bit of care related to mind can help everyone in achieving success, health and happiness at the same time if the mind techniques are practiced continuously. It is wrong conception that people especially in India think that going to a Psychologist or Hypnotherapist or NLP Practitioner means that one has a major issue related to mind. Every person who is interested in keeping his mind healthy just like keeping the body fit can benefit a lot by using the techniques of these great sciences and achieve better mental and physical health and career success. What affects the mind affects the body and what affects the body affects the mind as the mind and body are interconnected and cannot be viewed in isolation.

Psychological Counseling & Psychotherpay have been existence for numerous years and is a well-known concept. There are various approaches and techniques related to Psychological counselling & Psychotherapy. The counsellor follows a multi modal approach and employs suitable technique as per the type of issue. Some of the well-known techniques/ approaches are Psychodynamic theory which is more effective by adding Hypnosis , CBT ( Cognitive Behavioral Therapy ) , Reality Therapy, REBT ( Rational Emotive Behavioural Therapy ) , Gestalt Therapy , Transactional Analysis etc. These techniques become even more powerful if they can be deployed in sub conscious manner the concept of which is explained below;

NLP ( Neuro Linguistic Programming ) – The sub conscious angle  to treatment.

NLP  is the process of programming the conscious  and sub conscious patterns in  mind so as to change the way in which the mind functions/thinks so as to solve issues and also achieve desirable results .

Neuro component is related to the thinking process wherein you use the main senses of  Visual, Audio, Touch, Smell, Taste etc, to have suitable internal mental constructs of the outside world.

Linguistic component is related to the language patterns that can be used to influence self as well  as others around you.

Programming component is related to the way in which we can train our mind to achieve desirable results.

NLP is a interrelated combination of the Neuro , Linguistic and Programming components explained above to produce desirable results and also achieve excellence in performance.

In NLP, the techniques work in terms of the reprogramming the subconscious mind so as to overcome many issues related to the mind and also to achieve higher performance in tasks to be done in day to day life.

Hypnotherapy – The sub conscious angle to treatment .

In order to explain Hypnotherapy concepts in an easy manner let us try to map the principle of working of computer with the working of the human mind. The human mind consists mainly of 2 parts – The conscious mind and the subconscious mind.

CPU and RAM = Conscious Mind.

Hard Disk = Subconscious Mind.

For example in a computer as long as the computer is switched on the CPU and RAM are functioning and whatever is being processed now can be accessed and the data required for doing the calculations, data processing etc. are available. The RAM of course has limited memory and limited storage compared to the Hard disk. But once the computer is switched off and later on we want to retrieve a document that was made much earlier whether weeks or months or years back – we need to access the hard disk drive in which all past data was saved. Similarly in a human mind , while the conscious mind is for the present functioning of the mind for doing our work, plan etc. and the conscious mind remembers the data or has memory of the events in the past few days depending upon the conscious mind memory capacity , older data like what happened four years back or ten years back or in your childhood etc. and when exactly it happened etc. cannot be remembered unless you are able to access the subconscious mind which stores all data and memory related to you from the time of birth . Whatever a person is feeling or experiencing in mind negatively is due to past conditioning and past exposure to events and situations – unpleasant or traumatic or unwanted or whatever and unless one can access such events and reframe them in a positive manner , the subconscious mind data / memory affects adversely the conscious functioning the mind leading to the present problems like unhappiness , feeling low, depression, lack of confidence , anxiety , fear ,phobia, lack of motivation etc. – the list is endless. Since what affects the mind will also affect the body if the mind related issues are left unattended for a long time, the issue turns to psychosomatic issues with the root cause of the health or physical problem arising from the mind.

In Hypnotherapy , the techniques help the Client to access his/her subconscious mind and explore the reasons for whatever issue is existing and reframe the events or feelings in a positive manner so as to forge ahead in life in a happy and positive manner.

Note :
NLP, Hypnotherapy etc. makes no medical claims whatsoever and is not the practice of medicine. NLP and Hypnotherapy can be used as supplementary tools to any psychological or medical treatment and are not meant to replace any ongoing medical treatment.

Disclaimer :
The views expressed by the author are purely his own views on the basis of his knowledge and experience and the author does not claim to be the subject authority in any manner. The author accepts no liability for any outcome based on the views of the author or the content of this document.

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