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Mr. Ganesan is a Psychotherapist in Chennai who also does Online Therapy covering CBT. During the numerous years of experience the therapist observed that while many top grade executives and professionals know so much about technology , business etc. and take so much care to expand their knowledge in these fields , a large percentage of people do not bother to learn about the mind related issues till it becomes a major or disturbing factor affecting day to day life. Mind is an important part of every human being and a little bit of care related to mind can go a long way in achieving good health and success in the chosen career or profession. The saying “Sound Mind in a Sound Body” seems to be getting less attention and the motto seems to be fast money and quick success at the cost of health and of course nobody seems to be even thinking about the effect on mind!  A little bit of care related to mind can help everyone in achieving success, health and happiness at the same time if the mind techniques are practiced continuously. It is a wrong conception that going to a Psychotherapist means that one has a major issue related to mind. Every person who is interested in keeping his mind healthy just like keeping the body fit, can benefit a lot by using the techniques of these great sciences and achieve better mental and physical health and career success. What affects the mind affects the body and what affects the body affects the mind as the mind and body are interconnected and cannot be viewed in isolation. 

Psychotherapy has been in existence for numerous years and is a well-known concept. There are various approaches and techniques related to Psychotherapy. The Psychotherapist  follows a multi modal approach and employs suitable techniques as per the type of issue. Some of the well-known techniques/ approaches are Psychoanalytic therapy , CBT ( Cognitive Behavioral Therapy ) ,  REBT ( Rational Emotive  Behavioral Therapy ) , Gestalt Therapy etc.

The Psychotherapist Mr. Ganesan is well versed in the Psychotherapy techniques.  As a Psychotherapist in Chennai who also does Online Counselling he is also able to cater to the needs of the clients anywhere outside Chennai. Some reviews on Therapy done by Mr. Ganesan can be seen by pressing the hyperlink below  (Press control key and the highlighted word ‘Therapy references’ to open in new tab in browser )

  Therapy References

The services can be offered on Online basis also in addition to In Clinic or Onsite basis.