Need Psychological Therapy?

Need Psychological Therapy?


About Mr. Ganesan S.V.

About Mr. Ganesan S V -photo ganesan

The Therapist Mr. Ganesan S V is a Psychologist and Psychotherapist in Chennai. He is also a Hypnotherapist & NLP Practitioner. He also does Psychology & Management Training as he is a  Psychologist with  IT Background with vast experience in India as well as Abroad.

The author’s wide management exposure to hundreds of persons in many cultures and many countries gave him insight into human behavior and thinking. The exposure also helped in observations of the behavioral patterns, pressures and problems in everyday life. The author explored over many years and pursued his interest in Mind, Body and Soul related sciences and techniques like Yoga, NLP, Hypnotherapy, Pranic Healing, Crystal Therapy etc. and the author practices the techniques known to him in Psychological Counselling and Psychotherapy . The author has helped many persons overcome personal issues related to the mind by combining Psychological Counselling with techniques of Hypnotherapy & NLP . The combination of various techniques bring out quick improvements compared to doing single mode of therapy.

The therapist’s numerous years of Management Experience combined with his additional Qualifications in Psychology Fields has resulted in specialized and unique Training modules incorporating Management as well as Psychology Topics. Customized Training modules are available as per the profile of the group/audience such as Corporate Executives, Sales Personnel, Factory Personnel, Students etc.

The following Psychological Services are offered :

Psychological Counselling , Psychotherapy, Hypnotherapy, NLP, Psychology & Management Training. All above services can be offered on Online basis also in addition to In Clinic or Onsite basis to offer convenient options to the clients without any location restrictions.

Some reviews about Mr. Ganesan S V can be seen by pressing the hyperlink below   ‘Therapy references’ to open in new tab in browser )

Therapy References

Some reviews about Mr. Ganesan S V on Training can be seen by pressing   the hyperlink below “Training references” to open in new tab in browser   )

The following additional services of special nature are offered –

Crystal Healing Services is offered in the clinic wherein the process involves scanning of the Chakras and suitable provision of crystals for healing purposes. The crystals healing has beneficial effect on both Physical and Psychological aspects. The maintenance techniques for crystals is also taught.

Tarot Reading Services is offered by Mr. Ganesan as an experienced Tarot Reader with passion for Tarot Reading . The Tarot reading can be done in the clinic or by online .

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Our Services

Psychological Counselling in Chennai

The Psychological Counselor Mr. Ganesan is well versed in the counselling techniques. He is a Psychologist in Chennai who also does Online Counselling.

Psychologist Photo

Psychological Counselling is the treatment of Emotional and...

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Psychotherapist Photo

Mr. Ganesan is a Psychotherapist in Chennai who also does Online Therapy covering CBT. During the numerous years of experience the therapist observed that while many top grade executives and...

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Hypnotherapist Photo

Mr. Ganesan is an Hypnotherapist in Chennai who can also do online Hypnotherapy

What is Hypnotherapy ? Healing by an altered state of awareness  is called Hypnotherapy.  Hypnosis is a...

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NLP Photo

The NLP Practitioner Mr. Ganesan offers NLP in Chennai as well as Online NLP.

What is NLP  ? - NLP stands for Neuro-Linguistic Programming, a terminology that is related to...

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Psychology and Management Training

Management and Psychology Training Photo

Mr. Ganesan conducts Psychology and Management Training in Chennai onsite basis. Mr. Ganesan also offers Online Training to cater to clients anywhere outside Chennai.

Training modules ...

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